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Helpful Tips & Recommendations

Here are some helpful tips and recommendations to help you install your UltraMural. Its so easy that you can just peel & stick the mural on the wall!

Before you begin your installation, we recommend that you use two people when installing larger UltraMurals. Also, make sure to inspect your mural to make sure it is the right size and print.


First, remove your UltraMural from the shipping tube and its plastic seal. All of our murals come with a white backing which allows the self-adhesive to keep its grip. Unroll the mural with the backing still attached and allow it to flatten out and adjust to the room temperatures.


Next, we recommend that you remeasure the area where you are looking to place the mural. Make sure that there is enough room for the mural to fit and that you have the right area mapped out. Keeping the white backing on your UltraMural, practice positioning it on the wall. You can even mark where you would like the corners to be in order to make the process easier.


We also recommend that you prep the wall area where you will be applying the UltraMural. Using only water and a sponge or towel, clean off the wall surface to remove any dust or particles that may have collected. This will ensure that your UltraMural sticks and will restick whenever you choose to remove it! After you allow the surface to completely dry, you are ready to hang your mural!


With the help of your friend, start at the top left of the mural and peel the backing away from the mural about 1/3 of the way, as you slowly stick the graphic to the wall. Continue peeling the backing as you press down the graphic with your flat hand. If wrinkles or bubbles appear, simply smooth them out or peel back the panel and reapply. Continue to peel the mural, while applying pressure with the other hand to stick it down until the white backing is completely removed! We recommend you keep the white backing in case you'd like to peel & stick your UltraMural later.

The peel & stick process is so simple that your UltraMural can be removed and reused over and over again without damaging your walls. We recommend you keep the backing in case you ever want to move the mural again. They are removable, reusable, and so easy to install! For a quick change of décor and simple installation with no mess or pastes, choose UltraMurals.